Santa Clara University


Program Educational Objectives

The Department has developed a program with four specific educational objectives, namely that our graduates who have been out of school for two to five years will have:

  • Become successful professionals, applying the fundamental concepts of electrical engineering science and engineering practice to the solution practical problems, within engineering or in another field.
  • Worked effectively within teams and communicated effectively to solve complex engineering problems, or other problems.
  • Acted with responsibility within society in light of the obligation that engineers have to design and develop effective products that are of positive value to society, and will have practiced leadership in advising society on the wisdom of specific developments, and will have acted with honesty and wisdom, with courage and compassion.
  • Been driven to continue learning by an inherent curiosity for discovery, enjoying and embracing lifelong learning as a necessity for personal growth and societal improvement.

Last Modified: Feb 2010
Last Reviewed: Feb 2012

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