Immersions Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for the Immersions Program was formed in Spring 2010 to advise with the continued development and expansion of the student immersion program. The committee has student, staff, faculty, and community partner representation and meets biannually.

Bill Mains

Leadership Lecturer,  Business School Undergraduate Business Programs

Luis Calero, S.J.

Faculty, Santa Clara University

Sam Florio

Risk Manager, Santa Clara University Finance Office

Cathy Horan-Walker

First Vice President, Wells Fargo Advisors

Graciela Mann

Community Involvement Manager, Sacred Heart Community Service

Michael C. McCarthy, S.J.

Executive Director, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education

Michael Nuttall

Director of Communications and Operations, Ignatian Center

Kyle Ozawa

Alumni, Santa Clara University

Susan Popko

Associate Provost for International Programs

Valerie Sarma

Director of Immersions, Ignatian Center

Matt Smith

Campus Minister, Santa Clara Campus Ministry

Mary Smoker

Senior Assistant Director, Alumni for Others, Santa Clara Alumni Association

Tedd Vanadolik

Director of Campus Programs, Santa Clara Center for Student Leadership

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