Modeling Religious Dialogue

Because of its Jesuit, Catholic character, Santa Clara University promotes a level of religious, philosophical, and theological discourse that is unusual among academic institutions. Dialogue on core questions remains difficult, even though these issues are profoundly important to individuals and communities.

In keeping with its mission to integrate faith, justice, and the intellectual life, the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education will promote and model such dialogue by addressing to the wider University community major themes, topics, and questions of importance to multiple audiences.

To model religious dialogue, we will

  • Plan, develop, and execute regular, year-long institutes on themes that engage the entire University;
  • Offer lectures, workshops, seminars, events, and publications that engage contemporary cultural issues specifically from the Catholic intellectual tradition and other theological frameworks;
  • Provide for a spectrum of academic, public, and pastoral engagements that incorporate diverse religious and philosophical commitments and create opportunities for exchange across disciplines at the University;
  • Support faculty scholarship and course design, as well as staff and student initiatives that configure with stated themes and goals;
  • Foster an ethic of dialogue that intentionally reflects on how communities best discuss and disagree on difficult issues with respect and honesty.


The Ignatian Center’s goal of modeling religious dialogue supports the University’s strategic priorities of Enhancing Excellence in Jesuit Education and Strengthening the Academic Community.

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