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Programming Ideas

Show a film/documentary that relates to energy

Some possibilities are:

  • The Last Mountain (2011) 
  • Revenge of the Electric Car (2011)*
  • The Island President (2011)
  • Carbon Nation (2010)*
  • Climate of Change (2010)*
  • GASLAND (2010)
  • Powerful: Energy for Everyone (2010)*
  • Crude (2009)
  • Climate Refugees (2009)
  • Fuel (2008)
  • The Age of Stupid (2008)
  • The 11th Hour (2007)
  • There will be Blood (2007)
  • A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash (2007)
  • An Inconvenient Truth (2006)
  • Syriana (2005)

*Films with an asterisk are more positive or light-hearted

Reward Residents

Reward residents for studying in common spaces, or other energy saving practices Sobrato has “Study Bucks,” how about “Energy Bucks”? Residents could turn in their bucks for prizes or food. 

Glow-in-the-dark Capture the Flag

What you need:
  • Strips of flagging {enough for all players}
  • 3 glow sticks per team
  • An open space

Tip: Don't play this with bright moonlight out, it really wrecks your night vision, making it extremely hard to see other people (not to mention the effect of your judgment).

Rules: Each player gets a strip of flagging to put in their right back pocket. Pick out designated sections of the field for each team. Each team gets three glow sticks that they can plant anywhere in their area. Once the teams break off, each team hides all three glow sticks wherever they want (using agreed upon rules like, visible at 90 degrees, from so far away, etc.). At some signal, teams attempt to find the other team's glow sticks. Once found, a glow stick is brought back to home territory and placed somewhere in that area with the same rules as before. You may carry as many glow sticks as you want, but if you are caught with them, you must drop all of them. To capture another player, grab the flagging that should be hanging out of the player's right back pocket (its important that this rule is followed so people know where to strike). When a team has found one of each color glow stick, they return to camp, having won the game. If teams wish, they can trade glow sticks if they agree on terms.

Zero-Power Hour

There will be a campus-wide "Zero-Power Hour" on Monday, February 10, 9-10 pm, but what about having another one just in your building, or on your floor!? Turn off all the lights, and unplug all electronics.

Campout On-Campus

Pretty simple: have a campout in a lounge or common space!

Flashlight/Glow-stick Meetings or Socials

Have a meeting or social in the dark! Use only flashlights and glow-sticks.

Hold an Energy Addicts Anonymous Meeting

Hold a Energy Anonymous meeting. Discuss why we are so dependent on energy today, and why or why not that might be a problem.

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