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Sustainable Events

Events can become certified by the Office of Sustainability by following the process outlined below.

  • employeeStep 1: Complete the online form

    First, if you are hosting an event on campus, large or small, and would like to have it certified, please contact the Office of Sustainability using this online form.

  • researchStep 2: Use the Sustainable Event Planning Guide for tips and ideas

    Download the Sustainable Event Planning Guide. Other resources and assistance from the Office of Sustainability are always available upon request. Simply send an email to

  • eventbinsStep 3: The Office of Sustainability will follow up

    Once this form is received and evaluated, a representative from the Office of Sustainability will contact the event planner/organizer to arrange a meeting and discuss the certification. As this is a new program, and because events vary by size and nature, the evaluation and certification process will also vary accordingly. Please help the University grow this program by providing feedback and suggestions for improvement. The Office of Sustainability staff and interns can be reached at

Past Events

This is a new program, so no events have completed the process yet. Three events are in the planning phases now. Once the events are complete, we'll post their sustainability initiatives here, so check back in the Fall to see how their planners did!

  • iconAJCU Arts & Sciences Dean’s Conference, October 2010
    The Association of Jesuit College and Universities Arts and Sciences Dean’s Conference, hosted by the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office, was the very first “Certified Sustainable” event on campus. The event reached this level through the elimination of bottled water, enabling virtual participation through telecommuting, presenting on the subject of sustainability, and providing shared transportation for participants.
  • condiments reusableFacilities/University Operations BBQ, August 2010
    This was the first event at SCU to go through the Sustainable Event Certification Process! This event was certified "Beyond Green." The potluck meal was served on compostable diningware and condiment containers were ordered specifically to be multi-use and recyclable (rather than typical plastic ketchup and mustard packets that are garbage after one use). This event also eliminated bottled water by using compostable cups to serve ice water.