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University Operations targets our buildings as opportunities to use energy more efficiently. We will commit to reducing emissions wherever possible, generating our own renewable energy when financially feasible, zero emissions growth, and lastly, offsetting the remaining greenhouse gas emissions needed to achieve climate neutrality. Retrofits to existing buildings improve their mechanical efficiencies, while new buildings are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Besides ongoing efficiency retrofits and projects to reduce energy demand, Green Power purchases have helped us reduce our net emissions.
  • cflEnergy Efficiency

    Over the past seven years the university has maintained an aggressive program of lighting and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) upgrades to reduce energy consumption.

  • solarpanelsRenewable Energy

    The Santa Clara University campus is currently home to photovoltaics, solar thermal systems, and a wind turbine.

    SCU is on course to install a smart microgrid, which ties its power source, transmission, distribution, and even consumption data to weather reports, thereby maximizing energy savings. The power source can be solar, wind, geothermal, essentially any kind of electricity generator.

  • emissionsGreenhouse Gas Emissions

    Energy use is a major contributor to the University's greenhouse gas emissions. Please learn more about our emissions, and our Climate Neutrality Action Plan.

  • 2013 SCU Energy ChallengeEnergy Challenge

    The annual Energy Challenge makes energy conservation and efficient use fun! In 2012, SCU campus residents saved over 88,000 kilowatt hours of electricity--enough to power Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center for 6 weeks! During the month-long competition, students are encouraged to identify areas to improve energy efficiency and resource conservation in their residence halls and to share those ideas with our Facilities and Utilities departments.

Recent news 

Athletics & Recreation Sustainability Initiatives
Athletics & Recreation Sustainability Initiatives

Athletics and Recreation has undertaken numerous projects to integrate sustainability into the lives of all Bronco athletes, fitness lovers, and Malley Center users.

2014 Residence Energy Challenge
2014 Residence Energy Challenge

Lights out, SCU! This year, we have two leagues for the competing residence halls. Find out what you and your RLC can do to get ahead in 2014 Residence Energy Challenge.

Tonya Nilsson: Engineering a Better Future
Tonya Nilsson: Engineering a Better Future

As both a teacher and leader, Tonya Nilsson has been a forerunner in our University’s effort to promote a culture of sustainability on campus and throughout the world.

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