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Health & Wellbeing | May 2015

Being Healthy - Easy as P-H-E

The Peer Health Educators, a student program of our campus' Wellness Center, are a vital resource at SCU, and contribute to creating a culture of sustainability through their promotion of health & well-being.
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Ethan Hayden: EMT & Outdoor Extraordinaire

Ethan Hayden, class of ‘17, pursues a degree in Environmental Science while balancing a life as an EMT to achieve his dreams of fostering a healthy community wherever he may be. Full story »

News and Events

SF Chronicle Op-Ed | Waste Characterization | Safe Space Training | Summer Garden Plant Sale and Planting Workshops | Swap for Good | Drag Show | Sustainability Champion Nominations | Sustainability Internship Applications | Thriving Neighbors Research Report | Beekeeping Workshop Full story »

Did You Know?

The Educated Partier program aims to foster a healthy and sustainable environment for students off-campus in cooperation with the Office of Student Life, the Associated Student Government, and the Santa Clara Police Department. Full story »

Take Action: De-stressing

Tips on how to de-stress on campus in an unlikely place. REDUCE your anxiety.REUSE your social media time for mediation time. RECYCLE your stressful breaths into mindful ones. RESPECT yourself, your body, and your mind. Full story »

Fresh from the Forge: The Truth about Dirt

There's more to the widely-known fact that being outside is good for you; the secrets lie in the dirt! Forge for happiness in your own backyard or at a local garden! Full story »

Campus Heritage: 19th Century "Safe" Cures

Warner's Safe Kidney & Liver Cure Label. Photo courtesy of Cultural Resources, Santa Clara University.
Today, we may take for granted the medical advances and practices that keep us healthy. Medicine bottles from the past were uncovered on the land beneath Lucas Hall and offer a glimpse of the maintenance and treatment of human health and wellness. Full story »


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