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A monthly update from the Center for Sustainability for the Santa Clara University community.

  •  Bob Lubecky sustains wholesome dining experience for campus

    Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013
    One of humanity's greatest impacts with the earth is the relationship with food. Robert "Bob" Lubecky strives to create a more sustainable dining experience for SCU and in the process, is helping to change the way the food industry works.
  •  Liaison network proliferates, creating a culture of sustainability

    Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013
    Members of the Sustainability Liaison Network engage their peers to develop a culture of sustainability at SCU. Collectively, the liaisons are making a big impact on campus every year!
  •  News and Events

    Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013
    Nature Inspired Yoga in the Park
    Family Giving Tree's Back-to-School Drive
    Solar Oven Cooking Workshop
    2013 City-Wide Garage Sale
    "More Than Honey" Film Screening
    Women's Environmental Network Dinner Workshop
    Forge Farm Stand Grand Opening
  •  Did You Know?

    Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013
    Lauren DiCioccio, Red Memo Pad, 2011, (cover) hand-embroidery on felt, (pages) machine-sewn cotton (all materials and source object scavenged from the Public Disposal Area at Recology SF), 4 x 6 in., Courtesy of the artist and Jack Fischer Gallery.
    The de Saisset Museum is showing an exhibition called "Reduce, Reuse, Re-Imagine" which highlights artists whose work is rooted in a zero-waste philosophy.
  •  Take Action

    Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013
    Tips on taking action related to back-to-school and purchasing:
    REDUCE: Commuter carbon emissions for climate neutrality
    REUSE: Electronics and fixing what you already have
    RECYCLE: Paper waste & duplex printing to go "zero-waste"
    RESPECT: Packing light and conserving resources
  •  Entertaining on a budget: How to get the party started

    Tuesday, Jul. 2, 2013
    The Office of Sustainability teamed up with the Alumni Association's Life After SCU series to provide both a framework and handful of ideas on how to entertain guests with a limited budget and tips for becoming more self-sufficient, environmentally-conscious, and innovative.
  •  Sustainability Champions celebrated

    Tuesday, Jul. 2, 2013
    By sharing a vision and taking action towards a healthier, happier, and more sustainable world, these individuals and their collaborative efforts have enhanced SCU's campus culture of sustainability. Join us in congratulating the 2012-13 Sustainability Champion Award recipients!
  •  News and Events

    Tuesday, Jul. 2, 2013
    Sustainability Liaisons celebrated
    Rose, White & Blue Parade and Festival
    2013 Fireworks Extravaganza
    Art in the Garden
    Sustainability Summer Series
    Anniversary of the Signing of the Americans Disabilities Act
    Concerts & Family Fun Nights in Central Park
    Composting Workshop Series
    U-Pick Tomatoes!
    Backyard Beekeeping Workshop
  •  Did you Know?

    Tuesday, Jul. 2, 2013
    SCU's Forge garden is open during the summer months and has new drop-in workday and visiting hours.
  •  Take Action

    Tuesday, Jul. 2, 2013
    Tips to take action: related to celebrations.
    REDUCE: carbon emissions by using a propane grill
    REUSE: popsicle molds for cool treats
    RECYCLE: serve beverages from companies who strive to go zero-waste and recycle resources
    RESPECT: our skies when celebrating, especially with fireworks
  •  Protecting our oceans, protecting our future: OCEANS club and the plastic water bottle ban

    Tuesday, Jun. 4, 2013
    Students in OCEANS club at Santa Clara explore their passion for marine conservation and ocean protection through partnerships with nonprofit organizations in the community. Read about the club and the work they have done to ban plastic water bottles on campus.
  •  Stephanie Hughes applies water quality consulting experience in the classroom

    Tuesday, Jun. 4, 2013
    Stephanie Hughes, Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, believes water is one of the most important resource topics of the coming decades. Read about her teaching and research interests and about her experience as a water consultant for Bay Area municipalities.
  •  News and Events

    Tuesday, Jun. 4, 2013
    Office of Sustainability hires new interns; says goodbye to seniors
    Seniors: take the Graduation Pledge
    Move out volunteers needed--earn free movie tickets
    Our City Forest needs volunteer help the next few weekends
    The Forge Garden Party
  •  Did you Know?

    Tuesday, Jun. 4, 2013
    SCU students worked on a campaign this year to ban SCU-brand plastic water bottles from campus. Read more about the ban, about Santa Clara's water supply, and about the benefits of drinking tap water. Also, find out where you can fill your reusable bottle on campus.
  •  Take Action

    Tuesday, Jun. 4, 2013
    Tips to take action: reduce, reuse, recycle, and respect, related to water-wise gardening. REDUCE: excess watering by shortening time limits on automatic irrigation systems | REUSE: water by installing a rainwater catchment system | RECYCLE: compost-rich gardens are also water-efficient | RESPECT: the natural climate and neighboring communities when thinking about watering.
  •  Transportation services department brings sustainable programs to students, faculty, and staff at SCU

    Wednesday, May. 1, 2013
    In order to help SCU achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2015, the Transportation Services department has worked to bring a number of sustainable transportation options to campus. Read about Zipcar, Dero Zap, and more in this highlight of sustainable transportation at SCU.
  •  Former Deputy General Counsel of the EPA builds climate leaders at the Santa Clara School of Law

    Wednesday, May. 1, 2013
    A past Deputy General Counsel of the EPA and Professor of Law at the University of Vermont, Professor Tseming Yang brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in climate change and international environmental law to the law faculty at SCU. Read about how Yang got started in environmental law and about how he is helping to build the next generation of climate leaders on campus.
  •  News and Events

    Wednesday, May. 1, 2013
    Nominate someone for the Sustainability Champions Award
    May is Water Awareness Month
    Saturday garden workday at the Forge
    Life After SCU: Entertain on a budget
    Movie night at the Forge
    TOMS Style Your Sole
    Bike to Work Day
    Composting workshop at the Forge
    Invasive Species in the Bay Area
    California Water Policy-Who Gets What and Why
  •  Did you Know?

    Wednesday, May. 1, 2013
    SCU is located just across the street from a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) bus stop. Hop on Bus 22 to head to downtown San Jose, and check out all the museums, theaters, and concerts this area has to offer. Read more about how, when, and where to catch Bus 22.
  •  Take Action

    Wednesday, May. 1, 2013
    Tips to take action: reduce, reuse, recycle, and respect, related to transportation. REDUCE: pollution by trip-chaining | REUSE: books about reduce, reuse, recycle | RECYCLE: use a certified Green Car Wash | RESPECT: your health with the AIRNow Mobile App.


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