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  • Pre-Program


    Cohort Member Introductions

    Pre-Program Networking Session

    Final Preparation for Tomorrow

  • Day 1


    The Diversity Crisis on Corporate Boards: the Moral and Business Imperatives 

    Driving Board Diversity 

    Responsibilities of Being a Black Board Member

    Governance in the Modern Business Environment 

    Roles and Responsibilities of Directors

  • Day 2

    Committees: Compensation, Nominations/Governance, Audit

    The Courting Process for Directorship Selection 

    Marketing Yourself: Telling Your Story

    Preparing Your Board Bio, Resume and LinkedIn Profile

  • 4 Week Break



    • You will spend 4 hours with your mentor during this program period and can split your time up as you see appropriate
    • 1:1 meetings with search consultant


    Webinars - Day 1

    • Negotiating, Relationships & Influence Skills
    • Meet Virginia


    Webinars - Day 2

    • Boardroom Diplomacy: Managing Your Fiduciary Duties, Values, & Politics
    • Value Proposition & Mock Interviews
    • Investment for Wealth Creation
  • Day 3

    Finance for VC/PE Boards

    ESG from an Investor Point of View

    Finance Through the Board Lens

  • Day 4

    Breaking the "Fit" Code

    The Board Interview

    Time to Meet with Your Advisors

    Certificate Ceremony with the BCBR Community

  • Post-Program
    Meet the Cohort

    Introducing the graduates of the BCBR program.

    This event is open to the public. Click here to register.

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