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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Student Staff



Meet our Peer Career Advisors

Max Campos
Finance & Political Science, '24
Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA
My family and I have four dogs: Lily, Raley, Roxy, and Frida!


Chelsea Ebisuya
Psychology & Public Health, '24 
Hometown: Orange County, CA
I'm a certified yoga instructor!

Allison Hoff
English, '24
Hometown: Kirkland, WA
I sang in chior for 13 years.

Justin North
Accounting & Information Systems, '23
Hometown: Portland, OR
My dog is named Dunphy after the show Modern Family.

Lucas Voron
Computer Science and Engineering, '23
Hometown: Saratoga, CA
I am fluent in French!

Shiv Jhalani
Computer Science '25
Hometown: New Delhi, India
I once was on the same soccer field as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Anna Chen
Accounting & Information Systems (AIS) '25
Hometown: Cary, NC
I have a dog named Biscuit.

Zoe Gardner
Political Science '25
Hometown: San Jose, CA
I have been to 12 countries.

Caitlyn Barber
Finance, '25
Hometown: Seattle, WA
I lived in London for 10 years.

Casey Dow
Finance, '25
Hometown: Alamo, CA
I can play piano while blindfolded.

Meet our Web Student

Om Ambalkar
Computer Science & Engineering, M.S. 23'
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
I am a huge supporter of the soccer team FC Barcelona!