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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Following-Up with Employers

Not hearing back from companies you applied to?

Don't just sit there - you can do something!


If it's been 3+ weeks since you applied and haven't heard back...
  • If you DO have an employer email address/contact:  send a brief, polite, personal note reiterating your interest and inquiring about your application status. (See sample note below)
  • If you DO NOT have an employer email address/contact: use LinkedIn to find the recruiter/university recruiter/technical recruiter at that company and use LinkedIn's "Connect" + "Send Note" option.


Sample Follow-Up Note to Employer/Recruiter/Hiring Manager


Pro Tip:  If you applied to the company through their main website but the company is also on Handshake, make sure to apply through Handshake as well!  Employers often look to Handshake first to fill roles before reviewing the larger applicant pool from their website.