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Get Connected!
SCU offers mental health services, campus resources, and activities to help you be your best self. Get connected with other students by attending a campus event or joining a student organization.


Check out a variety of events occurring during the Winter quarter.


Search over 200 registered organizations, clubs, and peer educators groups.


Explore each aspect of the Wellness Model to connect and thrive!


A list of departments and programs to help you stay connected at SCU.


Get Involved and Find Your Community

We pride ourselves on the number of clubs you can join. Don't know where to start? Hear from our student body president and vice president on how they get involved and ideas on how you can get involved too. Broaden your horizons and meet other Broncos by joining various clubs and organizations on campus. 


SCU is a diverse and engaging community. Search over 200 registered student organizations, academic clubs, and peer educators to help you make connections and find a community that shares your interests and passions.

Highlighted Groups

SCU students are remarkable. The things they do are amazing.  Connect with your peers and share your accomplishments through our performance arts, cultural, and other clubs of your interest! Explore the RSO directory and CSO directory, and if your talent is on the court or the field see the 17 Club Sports, or Intramural Sport opportunities.

Registered Student Organizations

Registered student organizations (RSOs) are often referred to as student clubs. There are over 170 RSOs that fall into 10 different categories ranging from academic and professional to special interests. View a list of current Registered Student Organizations.

Club Sports

The Campus Recreation Club Sports program includes 17 competitive clubs. Not only will you gain experience in the sport you are playing, but by joining a team, you will be able to make new friends and take on leadership roles. View a list of current club sports teams.

Peer Health Educators

The Peer Health Educator (PHE) Program, is the student-based health promotion and education organization at Santa Clara University, operating out of the SCU Wellness Center. PHEs have the unique opportunity to learn the most current information on a variety of health-related topics including general wellness, eating disorders, body image, nutrition, stress management, alcohol and substance abuse, and healthy relationships. Learn how to get involved in the Peer Health Educator (PHE) Program.

Chartered Student Organizations

There are a total of 9 chartered student organizations (CSOs) at SCU. The CSOs range from Activities Programming Board, Associated Student Government, and the Multicultural Center (MCC) just to name a few. Visit the chartered student organizations directory to learn more.

Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is a multidimensional process of achieving a healthy balance throughout one’s lifetime. SCU’s Wellness Model has eight dimensions of wellness and was created as a guide to help enhance our SCU community's pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Each of the eight dimensions is presented by an icon that will assist individuals in understanding how programs and events will help enhance their wellness.

Our commitment to well-being stems from "Cura Personalis"—the Jesuit value of "Care of the Whole Person." Whether you want to find resources to help you deepen in a particular practice of self-care, a mentor to talk with individually, or events that help you connect with other Broncos, there are so many resources available for you! Explore each aspect of the Wellness Wheel to connect and thrive.



Intellectual wellness refers to active participation in scholastic, cultural, and community activities. It is important to gain and maintain intellectual wellness because it expands knowledge and skills in order to live a stimulating, successful life.



Emotional wellness inspires self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the development of inner strength. It is important to be attentive to both positive and negative feelings and be able to understand how to handle these emotions.



Physical wellness promotes proper care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning. There are many elements of physical wellness that all must be cared for together. Overall physical wellness encourages the balance of physical activity, nutrition, and mental well-being.



Communal wellness refers to the relationships we have and how we interact with others. Our relationships can offer support during difficult times. Communal wellness involves building healthy, nurturing, and supportive relationships as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you.



Environmental wellness is an awareness of the interdependent relationships between people, plants, animals, and the other systems of the earth. Mindful of the effects of your daily habits on the physical environment maintaining a way of life that maximizes harmony with the earth and minimizes harm to the environment.



Vocational wellness involves finding satisfaction and fulfillment in your work, aligning your career with your values and interests, and remaining flexible to your changing environment.  It emphasizes a balanced approach to work, recognizing the significance of a purposeful and rewarding career in overall well-being.



Whether you are religious or not, your spirit matters! Being spiritually healthy expands your interior freedom. Cultivating gratitude, generosity and resiliency will help you navigate any circumstance life brings your way. Deepen your own spiritual practice, and connect with community.



Financial wellness is defined as effectively managing your economic life. Well-being is defined as having financial security and financial freedom of choice, in the present and in the future.


Getting Connected at SCU involves many different campus units. Below is an alphabetized list of campus resources, a brief description of that resource, and their social media channels. Follow them on social media to learn more about their programs.


Campus Recreation 

Campus Recreation provides educational, recreational, and competitive opportunities through the following programs open recreation in their multiple facilities, intramural sports, club sports, fitness classes & summer camp. 

IG: @SCUCampusRec

FB: @SCUCampus Recreation 

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry fosters the spiritual lives of students, acknowledging that engagement with faith is integral to developing whole persons inspired to build a more just, humane and sustainable world.


Career Center

The Career Center supports undergraduate students, graduate program students from Engineering, Education and Counseling Psychology, Pastoral Ministries, and Alumni.



Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement provides students with a variety of ways to explore leadership opportunities, try new experiences, continue pursuing current interests, gain valuable skills, learn about themselves, and meet others.

We accompany students in their journey to grow and become more.



SCUCSI on Facebook

Center for Sustainability

The Center for Sustainability empowers SCU students, faculty, and staff to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world. We host events and programs, implement initiatives, provide strategic consultation, and share stories that help the University achieve climate neutrality, practice mindful consumption, develop a culture of sustainability and use the campus as a living laboratory.


@sustainableSCU @theforgegarden

Cowell Center Health and Counseling Services

The Cowell Center offers a full range of medical and psychological services. Medical services include primary and specialty care, health promotion and disease prevention. Psychological Services include psychiatry, medication management, individual therapy, and group therapy.




The Ignatian Center 

The Ignatian Center exemplifies and activates the Jesuit, Catholic character of Santa Clara University.

We encourage our students, faculty, staff, and community to embrace Jesuit wisdom by inspiring awareness, thought, reflection, discernment, and action.



LEAD Scholars

The LEAD Scholars Program is a program for first-generation college students (students whose parents did not graduate from a 4-year college or university) focused on academic success and community engagement. The LEAD Scholars Program provides academic and vocational development opportunities, supportive advising, peer mentoring, and community building through a variety of courses, programs, and support networks.

IG: @sculeadscholars

FB: @sculeadscholars

Twitter: @sculeadscholars

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

At the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, we welcome SCU students into conversations about the critical issues of our time, and we support your personal and academic exploration of ethics. We are dedicated to helping everyone in the campus community address the choices that shape their personal character and lead to lives of value. Research grants, fellowships, internships, and events highlight our offerings, which include peer-led programs for students and a community of scholars for faculty and staff.


FB: @MarkkulaCenterForAppliedEthics

IG: @markkulaethicscenter

Twitter: @scuethics


Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship 

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship is a pioneer and leading accelerator for enterprises that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We accelerate entrepreneurship to end global poverty and protect the planet. For students, we have the award winning Global Social Benefit Fellowship - Action Research for Social Justice and we offer employment/internship opportunities both in the Center and with our Social Enterprise partners.

FB and Twitter: @millersocent

Office for Multicultural Learning

The Office for Multicultural Learning is committed to promoting social justice, building bridges across diverse communities, and celebrating differences of students at Santa Clara University. In addition, we advocate for historically underrepresented populations and educate the whole person within the context of Jesuit values.



Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life (OSL) responds to the welfare needs and conduct issues of our students. Our approach to student life reflects the Ignatian Values of SCU: respecting our students as individuals and working with them to maximize their personal development and academic pursuits.


Residence Life 

The Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) provide students a distinct opportunity to connect and learn, both inside and outside of the classroom, alongside fellow classmates, staff, and faculty all while enjoying the conveniences and accommodations of living on-campus within the residence halls.


University Library

Guided by our commitment to intellectual growth, lifelong learning, and social responsibility, the Santa Clara University Library provides resources and services to support student learning and faculty teaching. We are educational partners who engage in knowledge generation and access, design transformational learning experiences, and provide environments for inquiry and exploration.



Wellness Center 

The Wellness Center utilizes evidence-based initiatives to promote a culture of holistic health that empowers students to make informed decisions and develop self-efficacy in achieving intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional well-being. The Wellness Center strives to promote a culture of well-being where students identify and practice lifelong skills that improve their quality of life.



Trying to find a department that is not listed above please visit our main directory!

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These Get Connected Resources listed provide programs and services for students. 


Santa Clara students administer these campus media resources: