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Family Handbook

Kids on Campus Philosophy & Mission


The fundamental philosophy of Kids on Campus is "Learning Through Play." We provide a loving and safe learning environment that enhances the development of the whole child. We believe that each child has unique abilities that are nurtured through play. Learning is holistic. Social, emotional, physical, communicative, and intellectual aspects of each child interact to produce growth. This learning process is based upon developmental achievements, each child's individual style of learning, and their experiential background. Our program is child-centered, emphasizing a developmentally appropriate hands-on approach to learning that supports the potential of each child.


Educators at Kids on Campus foster children's individuality, encourage risk taking, nourish positive relationships, and stimulate creativity. Together, families and educators build a strong school foundation based on shared values. Through respectful role-modeling and caring relationships, we help children build confidence, and develop a sense of self and an awareness of others.

KOC Family Handbook