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About David Galan, University Ombuds

My name is David Galán (he/ him) and I am the inaugural Ombuds for Santa Clara University. I received my BA and MA in communication studies from San Jose State University. I’ve been mediating and facilitating since 2011 while completing my course work. In 2017 I joined the Office of Mediation and Ombuds Services as a community mediator where I soon expanded into other roles. I have served as an Ombuds for the Santa Clara County Department of Family and Child Services, serving parents, social workers, to help navigate the challenging landscape of the Juvenile welfare system and to help improve communication between parents and social workers for better outcomes. In addition, I served as an Ombuds to the Santa Clara County Jails where I worked with inmates and jail staff to address challenges and lift up inmate voices toward addressing concerns.

As a first generation professional, I have first-hand experience of the transformative power of higher-ed. Education has the power to expand our minds, grow our hearts, and transform lives and communities. For this reason, I am grateful and am privileged to have a role among the many talented and passionate people here in helping Santa Clara University to be the best that it can be.