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SVEC Program

The Innovative Mindset

Earn your certification in Innovative Leadership.

This four week program provided by Silicon Valley Executive Center at Santa Clara University will take you inside the Silicon Valley innovative mindset.  Our experienced faculty and industry experts will share their insights on what it takes to start and operate a successful venture. 

Classes are once a week for two hours. Classes are schedule on Tuesday or Wednesday from 6pm-8pm. Choice of day is first come first serve.

Week 1 - Growth in Silicon Valley and Emerging Technologies (2 hours)

Understand why Silicon Valley is a real factory for exciting new startups in DeepTech, Fintech, Regtech, Insuretech, Edtech, Medtech, Healthtech, and Blockchain. The course will leverage case studies, lectures, exercises and discussions to help participants understand more about what makes Silicon Valley a leader in innovation around the world.

Week 2 - Design Thinking (2 hours)

Design processes provide a framework for iteratively developing innovative and cost-effective products for customers. Prototyping is a critical element of this process given that it allows a team to test ideas and to engage customers in getting tangible feedback on product concepts and attributes. In this section, we will review the design process, discuss innovation techniques, and explore hands-on prototyping through a simple product innovation project.

Week 3 - Entrepreneurial Marketing (2 hours)

Entrepreneurial marketing is a strategy for startups to position the brand and value proposition successfully in the minds of customers. This session will include case studies, lectures and discussions about the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurial marketing.

Week 4 - New Business Development and Entrepreneurial Leadership (2 hours)

This session will cover the key qualities of entrepreneurial leadership, elements of being a leader, asking critical questions to cross the chasm, how to foster innovation in ideas, people, business and build a diverse team.  The presenter will also discuss disruption, growth, and change in startup culture and how to understand the path to exit.

*Curriculum subject to change based on availability of speakers