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Conference Services


Santa Clara University Campus

CHECK-IN | Begins at 2:00 PM

Check-in can be provided by SCU Conference Services staff or by the groups on-site coordinator.

  • Access card - used for building access and dining meals
  • Complimentary SCU lanyard and map


How to use the your access card:

  • To enter your building, simply tap the access card through the reader located near the front door of the building.
  • If dining is provided tap the access card to the designated entrance


Conference organizers and chaperones should do a final walk through of all their spaces including, meeting/classrooms and lounges used to remove all items from their conference/event. A final walkthrough after guest check out is recommend for lost and find prior to departing. 
The ACCESS cards and lanyards can be kept by the guest as a souvenir. 


Conference Services Representatives (CSR's) are available at the Graham Residence Hall front desk to assist guests with

  • Lock outs
  • Maintenance Concerns
  • Access issues or lost cards
  • Lost and Found

CSR's are also happy to recommend restaurants or fun sight-seeing opportunities in the Bay Area.

Hours of Operation

  • Graham Residence Hall | 8am -10pm daily
  • All other community desks | limited hours of operation (hours will be posted at each desk)


Wi-Fi is complimentary for all guests and visitors. Connection time is limited to 8 hours. 

  1. Choose SCU‑Guest from the list of available WiFi networks.
  2. Use a browser to navigate to any web page to load the login page. Click on the "terms and conditions" link to review SCU's policy to use this network.
  3. Close the policy, and check the box to accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Browse the internet!


Conference groups can choose between housing with linens (additional fee applicable) or without linens. Daily cleaning of rooms and bed making is not provided.
Guests may request additional bed linens for an additional fee or may use the laundry facilities

What’s Included:

  • Pillow (1)
  • Linen pack includes (1) pillow case, (1) XL twin fitted sheet and (1) XL twin flat sheet
  • Blanket (1)
  • Bath towel (1), Wash Cloth (2)
  • Travel size toiletries : (1) shampoo,  (1) facial bar and (1) body lotion


Laundry facilites are available in each residence hall. Preloaded access cards can be purchased at the front desk for Graham for the use of the facilities. 


The Malley Fitness Center is available for overnight guests, that are 18+, to use at an additional fee. This facility includes basketball courts, workout equipment and pool. Note that the basketball courts and pool are subject to availability.


Mail is delivered Monday through Friday (except for U.S. Postal Services holidays). Mail can be picked up at the Front Desk of Graham Residence Hall until 9:45pm daily. 

To ensure proper delivery, please be sure that your packages are addressed as follows:

SCU Conference Services
500 El Camino Real
San Jose, CA 95053


All vehicles parking on campus must have a valid parking permit. Parking is enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year. Conference groups bear the responsibility to provide their attendees notice of all parking regulations at Santa Clara University campus. For more information please visit:


The Benson Memorial Center is open 7 days a week from 7am -7pm. 
Mission Bakery has limited hours during the summer. 


If you lose or damage your access card, please contact or head tot he Front Desk of Graham Residence Hall.
Guests who lock themselves out of their unit, should go to the front desk of their respective building or wait by their door.


What if I left something behind?
Please contact our office at (408) 554-4302 or email us at Leave us your name, the conference you attended, the building and room number in which you stayed, contact number and the item left behind. 

If we are able to retrieve the item that was lost, we will call you back to set up delivery or pick-up.  Please note you will be required to pay shipping fees on any item that must be mailed back.


Santa Clara University is conveniently located across the street from the Santa Clara Transit Center, home to the CalTrain, Amtrak, ACE and Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority. Santa Clara University is also within miles of the San Jose Mineta Airport and the San Francisco International Airport.
ZipCars are available onsite in the Casa parking lot off of Accoliti Way. 




Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in public areas (any area outside of overnight accommodation).
Adult conference guests who are in possession of alcohol are not permitted to host individuals under the age of 21 in their units. Kegs and other similar over-sized “common source” containers are prohibited in and around the Residential Community. Possession of keg or cache of alcohol deemed “common source” may result in guest being removed from the residential community.


Group shall at its own expense obtain and maintain primary insurance during the term of this Agreement with limits not less than: General Liability $ 1,000,000 per occurrence
Aggregate Limit $ 2,000,000 
Workers’ Compensation as required under California state law. 
Employer Liability $ 1,000,000 
Business Automobile Liability - for owned, $ 1,000,000 scheduled, non-owned, or hired automobiles 

If Group will be bringing minors to the Facilities, General Liability Insurance shall include coverage for participants in Group’s programs, and shall not contain any limitations/exclusions specifically with respect to coverage for participants or for sexual abuse, harassment or molestation (except for sublimits of liability that do not reduce the amount of coverage for sexual abuse, harassment or molestation only below $1,000,000.) 

  1. Group shall furnish to the University a Certificate of Insurance with an underwriter’s additional insured endorsement that provides proof that insurance is maintained at the above limits thirty (30) days prior to use of the facility. To be acceptable, the insurer’s rating must be AM Best - A VII or equivalent. 
  2. The Certificate of Insurance shall be provided by the Group to the University no less than ten (10) days prior to the event. Failure to provide the requested insurance information within prescribed time limits may result in cancellation of the event. 
  3. All Certificates of Insurance issued to the University require and must state the following: ⦁ That the insurer will not cancel, modify, or change the insured’s coverage without thirty (30) days prior notice to the university. 

⦁ That the Santa Clara University, its officers, agents, employees or any person acting on its behalf and the employees, officers, volunteers, and agents of each of them, are included as additional insureds, except for employer liability and workers’ compensation insurance. 

⦁ That Santa Clara University, its officers, agents, employees or any person acting on its behalf of each of them will not be responsible for any premiums or assessments on the policy.

  1. In the event that Group is a self-insured entity, the signature of an authorized corporate officer, stating that the Group has the necessary financial resources to guarantee payment when the law imposes such liability may be accepted in lieu of a Certificate of Insurance. Such a statement is subject to approval by the campus risk manager or other authorized campus representative.


The University does not assume responsibility for personal property of conference guests. Personal items left after the group’s departure will be held by Conference & Event Services for up to thirty (30) calendar days. Personal items that are lost or stolen should be reported to the Graham Front Desk, 408.554.4302 or Campus Safety 408.554.4441


Quiet Hours | begins at 11 PM Sunday-Friday 
Courtesy Hours | 24-hours/day, 7 days/week


Santa Clara University is a 100% smoke and tobacco free campus.  
“Smoke and Tobacco Free” includes inhaling exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated:

  • Cigar, cigarette, cigarillo or pipe
  • Electronic cigarette (e.g. vapes)
  • Hookah
  • Other tobacco products (e.g. chewing tobacco/snuff)
  • Plant products (e.g. marijuana)
  • Synthetic products (e.g. synthetic marijuana)
  • Any component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product


Conference groups will be responsible for the supervision of their participants at all times and must provide live-in supervision for all minors associated with the group. The ratio of adults to minor participants follows the American Camp Association ratios:

  • 5 years or younger | 1:5 for overnight camps, and 1:6 for day camps
  • 6-8 years | 1:6 for overnight camps, and 1:8 for day camps
  • 9-14 years | 1:8 for overnight camps, and 1:10 for day camps
  • 15-17 years | 1:10 for overnight campus and 1:12 for day camps