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Off-Campus Residential Parking

Program Description

This program was created to help alleviate the overcrowding of parking resources in the neighborhoods around campus.  The purpose is to have a controlled, well-lit area where off-campus resident students will be able to leave their cars, overnight and long-term, while having 24/7 access to them.

"O" Parking Spaces & Locations

SCU Transportation Services offers limited on-campus parking spaces for students who live in the neighborhoods around campus (off-campus housing). "O" parking spaces are available on first-come, first-serve basis.  A parking permit is required and will be enforced 24-hours per day.  

To request an "O" permit, please fill out the request form.


  • North of campus:  North Parking Garage, 4th floor

Permit Fee

"O" Permits must be properly displayed and visible at all times while parked in the appropriate parking spaces.

  • Annual Permit:  $400
  • Semi-Annual Permit:  $280
  • Quarterly Permit:  $180

Exceptions to the Policy

Students who are planning to leave vehicles behind when traveling home for the summer months, studying abroad, or any other long-term absences, will be required to place their vehicles in the SCU Vehicle Storage Program. For more information regarding Vehicle Storage Program, please go to the Vehicle Storage Program Page.

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