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Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage is a long-term automobile storage program provided by Transportation Services that allows those registered to store their vehicles on campus over a period of multiple quarters. Accepting payment by cash, check, credit, or ACCESS card. Transportation Services is also happy to provide an added bonus to those in the program who choose to have their vehicles parked on campus for two quarters within the same permitted year (Summer-Spring): a free SCU parking permit for the rest of the permit year.

Vehicle Storage Regulations

Vehicle owners are advised to provide a car cover for their vehicle, wash their car before storage, fully air up the tires, fill their fuel tank, and add a gasoline preservative to their tank prior to storage. Doing these things ensures your car is ready to operate upon your return to school. 

Vehicle owners are required to provide proof of auto insurance coverage, sign a release of liability, and provide CSS the keys, in case the vehicle has to be moved for area maintenance or in an emergency. The vehicle should not be used as a "storage container" for personal property or any valuables; however, as long as the operator is able to operate all controls from the driver's seat and to see out in all directions, personal property can remain in the vehicle. The Program includes one (1)  removal and return during the term of the storage period without charge. Additional removals/returns are $25 per occurrence.

All storage fees must be pre-paid before storage, either by cash, personal check, credit card, or ACCESS Flex account.  The University reserves the right to reject any vehicles due to mechanical conditions such as leaking fluids, etc.  Students must provide proof of insurance coverage and sign a release of liability waiver for the vehicle and its contents.

Students who store their cars for two Quarters will receive a SCU Parking Permit for the remainder of the school year at no additional cost. (Permit is not transferable to another person).