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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Handshake FAQs

These FAQs are compiled from the questions asked by students, employers, and more groups that are interested in utilizing Handshake for job searches.


Current Students

Questions frequently asked by current students regarding how to use Handshake

Appointments are added on a rolling basis so please check back on Friday when additional appointments are added for counselors.

Class year information is provided to us from the registrar's office at SCU. It is synced with our system weekly and will revert to what the registrar's office has on file. We recommend checking with the registrar's office to make a more permanent change. In the meantime, we can update Handshake on our end by emailing

All on Campus jobs are handled through HR and accessed through Workday. Please log onto your Workday account through single sign on. Here is a link to walk you through: 

Additionally, we encourage you to go to the department you are interested in working for and speak to them in person. Let them know you interested in working there and provide them with your resume.



This section provides information on how to create a Handshake account for SCU alumni.

Please fill out the Alumni Handshake Request Form.

Once your Handshake account is created, you will receive an email from Handshake with more information about how to access your account and you will be asked to create a password.

Note: Please be sure to log in to your Handshake account using the email you provided in the Alumni Handshake Request Form. Do not use the “Santa Clara University Sign On” option. This is only for current SCU students.