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How to send a message to a fellow LinkedIn group member:

Do a search to find someone you’d like to contact on LinkedIn. If you’re trying to follow up with a recruiter after applying online for your dream job or looking to conduct an informational interview, messaging professionals/alumni through a group can be one option to make contact.


Once you’ve identified a specific person and you’re not already members of the same group, scroll down to the Groups section of their profile and join one of their groups. (You might be instantly approved or you may need to follow up with the group manager to approve you).

SCU Groups on LinkedIn



Once you are both members of the same group, open up this group when logged into LinkedIn. Click on the hyperlinked # of group members.


SCU & Alumni Association LinkedIn Group page



You can search by a person’s first and last name or keyword. You might search for a position type like "Software Engineer" or "Communications Specialist," for example. Or, you can search for "Recruiter" or more specifically, "Apple Recruiter."


LinkedIn Group Members



The search results will be listed and you can scroll through the results to find the perfect person that you want to contact. Simply click the “Send Message” link under each person’s information in the search results and begin crafting your message. Even if this person is a 2nd or 3rd level connection you will still be able to message them.  Before you get started, check out LinkedIn’s current tips and parameters related to communicating with fellow group members.


LinkedIn Search Result