Admiring God's Creation

It's a gift to be able to acknowledge the beauty of God's Creation surrounding us every single day.

  Winter Break was filled with many memories, special moments, and time with dearly loved ones. While I enjoyed three weeks of complete freedom from any obligations and time to devote wholeheartedly to my family, there is one moment that still sticks out to me the most.

It was just before New Year’s Eve and my family went to our cabin in the snowy mountains of Cle Elum, Washington. Everyone was getting ready to go to bed, and that night I witnessed an absolutely beautiful part of God’s Creation. As I tiptoed out of my mother's bedroom, a bright star shining through the window above the cabin fireplace caught my eye. So small yet so spectacular all on its own - it beckoned me closer. Leaving the toasty comfort of the cabin I felt my way down the icy steps and slowly journeyed across the snow. What I saw, what I stood before, took my breath away, replacing it with awe-struck wonder and tears of joy. 

The lake, still partially frozen over, glistened, as did the snow beneath my feet. The sky was lit up with the moonlight and scattered stars like I’d never seen before. It was absolutely stunning. There are no words to describe the beauty of what I saw, but in that moment, tears slowly formed from the corners of my eyes. I couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't stop crying. It was the most incredible thing I had ever witnessed.

The worries I'd been consumed by for days vanished, the future I contemplated, the people I missed; everything that was on my mind prior to this moment was gone. Now, there was no room for anything else but complete awe and reverence at God's Creation. Every part of my being, the physical and mental, was there and in love with what was before me. Never in my life had I ever been so blown away, so touched, and so amazed.

Standing there in my grey boots lightly dusted with snow, turning my face to the sky, I whispered over and over again, “Thank you, thank you.” For how could one not be thankful for a moment like this? While the rest of the world was fast asleep, I witnessed perhaps the closest thing to Heaven on earth. It was a moment I wish I could have shared with everyone I know, but maybe that's why it was so extraordinary, because it was an experience between only my self and God, between one human and the earth - the heart's soul and spirit. It wasn't something I was expecting or prepared to receive. It was a gift that only lasted for several minutes yet remains for eternity.

As I reflect, I’m still amazed at how wonderful that moment was, where I could be fully present and filled with so much peace in admiration of what God created. Being back on campus with new classes and activities to stay on top of, moments like that are hard to come by. My mind is so focused on the things I have to do, rather than where God has placed me and what He’s set right in front of me. The ability to admire God’s creation is a privilege and a gift; it’s an opportunity that God’s Children are given every single day! God’s Creation brings so much peace and so much gratitude. No matter where I am, or whom I am with, all I have to do is look up to see and acknowledge the beauty of God’s Creation surrounding me.