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About Us


Campus Ministry fosters the spiritual lives of students, acknowledging that engagement with faith is integral to developing whole persons inspired to build a more just, humane and sustainable world.


Campus Ministry will serve an ever-broadening group of students to cultivate spiritual transformation. We will be known as a primary source of pastoral care which is grounded in the Christian faith, embraces Catholic and Ignatian traditions, and honors the diversity of religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions on campus.


Gather. Discern. Transform. 

Campus Ministers 

We have six full-time Campus Ministers, as well as the Mission Church staff. We are lay people and ordained ministers. We have a diversity of experiences that informs how we each approach our ministry. Above all, we are committed to fostering the spiritual lives of our students.


John McGarry
Navigate here to John McGarry, SJ
Campus Ministry
Elise Dubravec, Campus Minister for Christian Life and Spiritual Formation
Navigate here to Elise Dubravec
Campus Minister, Community
Life & Spiritual Formation
Elizabeth Rand
Navigate here to Elizabeth Rand
Campus Minister, Religious & Spiritual Diversity
Fr. Julian Climaco, SJ, Campus Minister for Liturgy and Music
Navigate here to Julian Climaco, SJ
Campus Minister,
Liturgy & Music
Leah Harris, Administrative Assistant
Navigate here to Leah Harris
Sr. Administrative Assistant,
Campus Ministry
Victor Lemus, Campus Minister for Community Justice Formation
Navigate here to Victor Lemus
Campus Minister,
Community Justice Formation

Student Desk Assistants 

Campus Ministry Desk Assistants are a friendly group of students who will greet you with a smile when you visit Campus Ministry. They help keep the office running smoothly and the candy dish well-stocked!  

Oldham, Anabelle
Anabelle Oldham
Asia Chan
Asia Chan
Carla Alvarez Media Intern
Carla Alvarez
Estrada, Gaby
Gaby Estrada
Edamalapati, Gowthami
Gowthami Edamalapati
Rey, Natalia
Natalia Rey
Calderon, Nelly
Nelly Calderon
Paloma Muñoz - Student Desk Assistant
Paloma Muñoz

Student Interns

Campus Ministry Student Interns participate in and coordinate many of our programs, providing them with experience in servant leadership. 

Alvarez, CarlaAlvarez, CarlaAlvarez, Carla
Carla Alvarez

Marketing Intern

Raymond, Caroline
Caroline Raymond

Music Ministry Cantor

Olsen, Charlie
Charlie Olsen

Faith Formation Intern

Daniel D'Abreu Noronha - CM Student Intern
Daniel D'Abreu Noronha

Music Ministry Accompanist

Murphy, EamonMurphy, EamonMurphy, EamonMurphy, Eamon
Eamon Murphy

Religious Diversity Intern

Hatfield, Emma
Emma Hatfield

Justice Intern

Gabby Robles - Community Life Intern
Gabby Robles

Community Life Intern

Enriquez, Isabella
Isabella Enriquez

Hospitality Intern

Ioffe, Katie
Katie Ioffe

Hospitality Intern

Wong, Kristie
Kristie Wong

Music Ministry Cantor

Tran, Matthew
Matthew Tran

Marketing Intern

Nick Aguilar - Liturgy Intern
Nicholas Aguilar

Liturgy Intern

Kenny, Nick
Nick Kenny

Liturgy Intern

Snyder, Nick
Nick Snyder

Music Ministry Accompanist

Spirituality Facilitators 

Spirituality Facilitators provide outreach on behalf of Campus Ministry in the residence halls on campus. The "SF" team is comprised of SCU law and graduate students who have chosen to make their home in the residence halls while seeking their degrees. Though the individual Spirituality Facilitators represent diverse backgrounds and perspectives, each member of the team is passionate about spirituality and supporting students in their spiritual growth and development.

Please contact Elise Dubravec with any questions.

Bagepalli, Aditi
Aditi Bagepalli

Magis RLC
(Campisi & Sanfilippo)

Hayes, Anne
Annie Hayes

Unity RLC
(McWalsh & Nobili)

Emma Ferrell SF Cura RLC
Emma Ferrell

Cura RLC

Gueverly Mendez SF CyPhi RLC
Gueverly Mendez

Loyola RLC

Fredericksen, Robyn
Robyn Fredericksen

Alpha RLC

Mahanian, Vesal
Vesal Mahanian

Modern PerspectivesRLC

Mariscal, Kiara
Kiara Mariscal

daVinci RLC