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Elise Dubravec

Elise Dubravec, Campus Minister for Christian Life and Spiritual Formation

Elise Dubravec

Campus Minister, Community Life and Spiritual Formation

(she/her/hers) |  408-554-4649

Elise serves as the Campus Minister for Community Life and Spiritual Formation. After growing up in the Chicago area, Elise desired to intersect her passion for social justice with her interest in theological discourse. She served as a youth minister for two years until deciding to continue her education and formation. She attended SCU’s theology school in Berkeley, CA. There she centered her studies on queer, femininst theologies while working with FutureChurch (an organization that advocates for women’s leadership and ordination within the Church), University of San Francisco’s Lane Center for Catholic Social Thought, and New Ways Ministry (an LGBTQ+ Catholic organization). She is excited to contribute to SCU’s mission of justice, education, diversity, and care for the whole person. 

B.A. Sociology and Religious Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
M.Div. Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University