Damon Rideaux

Publisher's note: No one person speaks on behalf of an entire religious, spiritual, or phiolosphical tradition. All views presented are those of the student according to their personal experience of their tradition.
What does spirituality mean to you?
DR:  Spirituality to me means realizing that there is more to the world than just myself. I do not connect spirituality with organized religion. It is a personal realization that I am not the center of the universe and that there are many greater things outside of myself.
How do you practice your spirituality on a daily basis?
DR:  I practice spirituality through reflection. I think realizing my place in the world and how vast the universe is is one aspect of my spirituality. I also think realizing there is some higher power out there is also important. It is hard for me to characterize what it is, but I know it probably exists.
Have you learned anything about yourself through this/these practice(s)?
DR: I have learned a lot about myself. I don't participate in organized religion, but I think my spirituality has helped me find comfort and solace. I think it has also given me something important: perspective. It has made me realize that I am not the most important person in the world and that others may have things better or worse than I. With that realization, I've been able to better empathize with others.
In what ways do you believe practicing spirituality connects us with something greater than ourselves?
DR:  As I've said before, spirituality was about reorganizing my place in the world. The way that happened was through realizing that I am not the greatest being in the universe. It was through realizing that there are so many things much bigger, more powerful, and more important than me.