Christian Worship Night

Publisher's note: No one person speaks on behalf of an entire religious, spiritual, or phiolosphical tradition. All views presented are those of the student according to their personal experience of their tradition.
Sarah Blair is the Christian Diversity Intern in Campus Ministry. Our social media team asked her a few questions about the Illuminate event.

What is Illuminate?

Illuminate is a gathering of the entire Christian community at Santa Clara. We are celebrating the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity by worshiping together as one united group. Students of all denominations and Christian backgrounds will come together to praise God.
Why is this event is important and beneficial to SCU students?

SCU has many different Christian clubs and organizations. This is great for creating small, tight-knit communities, but these groups don’t often overlap or come together as a whole. Having this worship night to unite as one body creates a really cool space for students to connect and share in their common belief.
What impact do you hope this event will have on the students that attend?

Students who come to Illuminate will have the opportunity to make new connections with other students who share their faith. We hope they leave feeling refreshed and are reminded that they are a part of a greater campus community that is united for a common purpose. With the craziness of the start of the quarter, this event will help us all focus on praising God with some great worship music!