Maleny Quiroz Hernández

Publisher's note: No one person speaks on behalf of an entire religious, spiritual, or phiolosphical tradition. All views presented are those of the student according to their personal experience of their tradition.

What does spirituality mean to you?

MQ: To me spirituality means opening up our hearts and souls to receive Jesus and spreading His love and joy to others.

How do you practice your spirituality on a daily basis?

MQ: I practice my spirituality on a daily basis by striving towards sainthood. In prayer, and in receiving Christ in the Eucharist, I'm more open to listening to the movements of the Holy Spirit in my heart and those of others, so that I can cooperate with Him and encourage others to take time out of their days to communicate with God and be replenished in His love.

Have you learned anything about yourself through this/these practice(s)?

MQ: I've learned that even though I think I'm under-qualified to evangelize, God uses every single one of us as instruments in sharing His love. Sometimes a conversation or even your simple presence can be enough to allow others to start seeing Christ in their lives.

In what ways do you believe practicing spirituality connects us with something greater than ourselves?

MQ: Practicing spirituality connects us to God, to the souls that surround us, to the souls that came before us, and to a whole realm of spiritual beings such as angels and saints! In what ways? Through prayer, I believe our souls become united with the Divine, the souls of others, and Heavenly beings.