Matt Smith

Q: What does spirituality mean to you?
MS: Spirituality is the pursuit of relationship to something greater than myself.

Q: How do you practice your spirituality on a daily basis?
MS: Food (where it comes from, how it nourishes me, who was involved in making it), active lifestyle (biking, soccer, running, walking with my wife), minutes of mindfulness, prayer

Q: Have you learned anything about yourself through this/these practice(s)?
MS: Absolutely! Taking care of myself is essential to caring for others. Intentional living is better than the alternative. I control my attitude

Q: In what ways do you believe practicing spirituality connects us with something greater than ourselves?MS: It invites me to take a step back and reflect on what's actually happening. Each moment is a miracle if I choose to see it. Everything is connected to everything else. I don't notice this when I'm mindlessly going through life. It's in those moments when I step back that I'm able to see the magnificence of it all.