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What I wanted to know as a freshman...

Current SCU students and alums say what they wish they'd known about spiritual life at SCU when they were first year students.

"How inclusive it is. I wish I had known that I could bring myself and my faith to campus and to class and receive nothing but love."

"I wish I had known how many opportunities I would have to reflect on my faith and pray in new ways (labyrinth, taize, etc.)"

"There's no 'right' or 'wrong' way to be spiritual at SCU (or in life in general). There are far too many opportunities for one to experience everything but I've found it really helpful to choose certain activities that I attend on a regular basis."

At SCU I've had many opportunities for reflection, discernment, questioning, etc.

If someone invites you to attend something new or different, try it once.

"For me, spiritual life at SCU is all about acceptance. During all the orientation events they make a big deal about how SCU has an active multi-cultural center and that we accept all faith backgrounds and invite them to share in our community. My experience has been that we most certainly do! As a community we represent a wide spectrum of faiths and I am constantly intrigued as I learn more about other student's traditions. Furthermore, you don't have to be a Christian, a catholic, or even a regular mass/service attendee to participate in spiritual opportunities on campus. Some of the greatest personal discoveries in your own spiritual life can be made during college even if you've never been spiritual ever before. Despite the fact that we are a Catholic school and many of the programs we offer center around Christian ideals, there is nothing more exciting to me than finding out about the other programs we offer; the interfaith activities; or the dinner discussions. Basically, coming into SCU you should know that spiritual life is open to EVERYBODY! All you have to do is put yourself out there a little bit and try something new!"

Contributors include, but are not limited to SCU alum Laura Foltyn, Claire Kunkle '14, Nick Staib '14