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Cultural Heritage Month Celebrations

Honoring and Lifting Up SCU's Diverse Community

The Cultural Heritage Months are periods within the year that are designated to celebrate and acknowledge various ethnic and marginalized groups. These are times not only to celebrate, but also to educate others on various groups’ histories and contributions to American History. These are important times that help us to understand some of our own cultures and identities, as well as others.

SCU is committed to further enhancing and expanding its efforts around these Cultural Heritage months and other important commemorative holidays. The Cultural Heritage months are an important tool is helping to reinforce the importance of belonging on campus and our ongoing commitment to a diverse and inclusive community.

  • To learn more about the respective celebrations and to get the updated listing of events, please refer to the months below. This resource is being updated as we prepare for this 2023-2024 academic year. 
  • If you want to get directly involved, we are seeking individuals that want to get active within the planning process. Please refer below for additional information.
Cultural Heritage Months
Navigate here to Hispanic/Latiné/x Heritage Month

Spans the period of September 15 - October 15

Navigate here to Disability Awareness Month

Month of October

Navigate here to Native American/American Indian Heritage Month

Month of November

Navigate here to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 15, 2024

Navigate here to Fred T. Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution

January 30, 2024

Navigate here to Black History Month

Month of February

Navigate here to Women's History Month

Month of March

Navigate here to Celebrating Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta

Late March through mid-April

Navigate here to Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month

Month of May

Navigate here to LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Mid-May - June

How to Get Involved

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) and the Office for Multicultural Learning (OML) within the Inclusive Excellence Division will be providing a more focused and coordinated institutional approach to the respective Cultural Heritage and commemorative holidays months. They will work in close collaboration with faculty, staff, and student partners in providing the SCU community opportunities to continue our collective learning and engagement that recognizes, examines, and values historical legacies of a diverse array of identities.

Each heritage month will have a focused committee that will be responsible for creating the calendar of events and partner in promoting the month. Inclusive Excellence through ODI and OML will provide an anchor event for each of the heritage months.  

We are seeking interested members of the SCU community to be involved in the respective planning committees. If interested, please respond via this form

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ray Plaza ( and/or Chris Harris (