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DMCA Procedure at SCU

This is the process the university will follow regarding DMCA notices:

  1. IT will be notified and asked to identify the person owning the computer.
  2. Next, IT will disable that computer's interface to connect to the campus network.
    • This may mean that the individual will have to use publically available computers to continue with their academic work.
    • Flash drives can be useful to transfer files from your “network blocked” computer to a public computer so you can work on them.
  3. You will be asked to contact IT, (408) 554-5700, and discuss the DMCA notice.
    • The notice will be reviewed with you, explain what is happening and why, and review the works you are allegedly infringing.
    • You will have the opportunity to produce legal authorization that shows you are not violating copyright, if you have such authorization.
  4. You are then referred to the Dean of Students office.
    • You will have an opportunity to discuss this with a member of the Dean of Students office, and discuss what, if any, judicial actions may be considered.
    • Is this a first time or repeat activity?
  5. The Dean of Students office will refer you back to IT.
    • Your system will be inspected to insure all infringing works have been removed. IT can help with this if needed.
    • Once “cleaned”, your network access for this computer will be re-enabled.
Jan 8, 2016