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Information Security

Information Security

Welcome to Santa Clara University's Information Security Office Homepage.

The mission of the Information Security Office is to support Santa Clara University’s outstanding undergraduate, graduate, and research programs by protecting the university’s information assets.


fishing pole with a key of username and password


Emails are a great way to communicate with someone. However, be wary of messages, especially from people you don't know, that asks you for personal information or tells you to click on a link. You never know when someone is fishing for your information. Learn more here.

The Top 10 Information Security Issues of 2015 and 2016

The new year is a perfect time for lists. This article takes a look at the top information security issues of 2015 and predicts what might take center stage in 2016.

Two Layers of Added Security

Passwords provide you with added security to keep prying eyes away from your information and data. Most people have one layer (their password) to protect their account. 2-Factor Authentication adds a second level of security to your account.