Technology at SCU

SCU Username Password Management

Please refer to the subguides below for information on how to use the SCU Username Password Management system to help manage your SCU username account. Your SCU Username is the account you use to log into services like GMail and any workstation on campus.

If you have any questions after going through the guides, please reach out to the Technology Help Desk at x5700 (or 408-554-5700 from off-campus) for further assistance. Thank you.

Nov 29, 2018

1. Open a browser and goto

2. Login with your SCU Username credentials.


3. Click the Change Password button just above your name


4. Enter your existing password. Then enter a new password that that follows the requirements listed. Once you are done, click Save.



5. Proceed to the Logout button in the top right-hand of the browser window.


6. You can now either close your window or click the displayed link to return to the password management page.

Resetting your password via personal email - Technology Help Desk assistance required (Personal email must be listed in your eCampus profile)

NOTE:  If you need to populate your personal email in eCampus you can follow the directions listed here ->

Contact the Technology Help Desk by phone (408) 554-5700 or by email and provide the following information:

Your Full Name

Your Campus ID (front of your ACCESS card) or eCampus User (number that begins with “W”)

If you send your request via email you will also need to provide your phone number and alternate (non-SCU) email.

Request the Technology Help Desk staff to reset your password and  send your new password to your personal email address listed in your eCampus profile.

Once your password is reset you will receive an email similar to the one listed below.  (Note: this password will expire on first login and you will be asked to select a new password)


 PWD Reset by email


If you have forgotten your SCU network/email password and you need to have it reset for you, you may contact the Technology Help Desk at x5700 or 408-554-5700 from off-campus.  You may also stop by in person.  

Once the Technology Help Desk resets your password, you will be directed to log into the password management site.

1. Open a browser and goto

2. Login with your SCU Username credentials with the password given to you by the Technology Help Desk. You will then see a message just below your login indicating you must update your password. Click the link CLICK HERE to change your password.


3. A new tab will open where you can enter your new password. Please follow the requirements and click Next when you are done.


4. You will see a message that your password was successfully change. You can now close this browser tab to return to the main password management page.


1. Open a browser and goto

2. Select the “Need help?” link just above the username/password bars.


3. Click the first option Forgot My Username which will open a new tab.


4. Enter your email address as indicated and click Next.


5. If your account was found, you will receive an email with your username information.