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Information Security

Our Team

Information Privacy & Security is a Team Effort!

The Information Security Office at Santa Clara University consists of Kristen Dietiker, Chief Information Security Officer, and Bryan McClenahan, Sr. Information Security Analyst.  We are a small team and we invite everyone at SCU to join us in protecting private information.

Information Security and Privacy Program Charter:


The mission of the Information Security Office is to support Santa Clara University’s outstanding undergraduate, graduate, and research programs by protecting the university’s information assets. Ensuring that Santa Clara University’s students, faculty, and staff have access to all of the information resources they need to fulfill their role(s) at the university is the core value of this mission.


The Santa Clara University Information Privacy and Security Program strives to create an environment which will help protect all members of the SCU community from information security threats that could compromise privacy, productivity, reputation, or intellectual property rights. The University recognizes the vital role information plays in its educational, research, and service missions, and the importance of taking the necessary steps to protect information in all forms. As more information is used and shared by students, faculty, and staff, both within and outside the university, a concomitant effort must be made to protect information resources from threats by establishing responsibilities, guidelines, and practices that will help the University prevent, deter, detect, respond to and recover from compromises to these resources.

Policy Statement

Use of Santa Clara University’s information resources must be consistent with Santa Clara’s educational goals and comply with local, state, and federal laws, and University policies. Visit Technology Policies, Procedures, and Standards for more information. 

Team Biographies

  • Kristen Dietiker

    Chief Information Security Officer

    Kristen Dietiker joined Santa Clara University in January 2019. She has over 20 years of broad technology experience spanning information security, network administration and engineering, and academic and administrative systems.

  • Bryan McClenahan

    Sr. Information Security Analyst

    Bryan McClenahan has over 20 years experience and a broad base understanding of cutting-edge technologies. He previously served as a Security Engineer for The Gap, Lead Senior Network Engineer for Tibco, and Senior Network Engineer for Aspect Communication. He has advanced skills in networking, security, VPN, remote access, infrastructure, load sharing, and servers. He brings a rich sensitivity for team and cross-functional project management between internal and external business units. Recently at Tibco and The Gap he has found a passion for Security Event and Information Management (SEIM) platforms. He has used SEIM technology to sift through millions of daily events at both organizations to find relevant, interesting, and actionable offenses (i.e, finding the needle in the haystack through technology).

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