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Technology Policies, Procedures, and Standards


Guiding Principles

Use of Santa Clara University’s information resources must be consistent with Santa Clara University’s educational goals, as well as comply with local, state and federal laws, and University policies.

  • Operational Policies are a set of guidelines, rules, regulations, laws, principles, or directions for the operation of provisioned services. It states what is to be done, who is to do it, how it is to be done and for (or to) whom it is to be done.
  • Acceptable Use Policies are a set of rules applied by the owner, creator or administrator of a network, website, or service, that restrict the ways in which the network, website or service may be used and sets guidelines as to how it should be used.
  • Terms Of Service are the rules and regulations that a user must agree to before they can use the applicable service.
  • Standards define minimum requirements for addressing specific issues or risks in order to comply with the policy.


Information Resource Use

IS.100 IS Resource Acceptable Use Policy Acceptable Use Policy
IS.201 Network Infrastructure Use Operational Policy


End User

IS.101 GLBA Mandatory Cybersecurity Training Operational Policy
IS.102 Minimum Security Standard for Endpoints   Operational Policy
End User Information Security Standard Operational Policy

Administrative User

Administrative User Standard
Information Service Provider Security Standard

DMCA, Copyright, and Network Use

Digital Millennium Copyright Act at Santa Clara University
File Sharing, Copyright, and DMCA Notices
Standard Response on Copyright and File Sharing
DMCA Procedure at SCU
Information Resources Acceptable Use Agreement
Network and Communications Policies and Guidelines


SCU Alumni Email - Terms of Service

Data Classification

Data Classification Standard
How To Classify Data
Sample List of Level One Data

Emergency Action and Security Incident Response

Incident Response Standard
Incident Response Procedure
Incident Response FAQ

Enterprise Software Acquisition 

Enterprise Software Acquisition
Proposal Guidelines
Technical Standards