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SCU Alumni Email Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Revised: August 31, 2018


These Terms of Service identify the conditions of use for the SCU Alumni Email service at Santa Clara University.



The SCU Alumni Email service is restricted to the private, non-commercial use of authorized, University-affiliated individuals as determined in the sole discretion of Santa Clara University.


Appropriate Use

SCU Alumni Email users agree to use these services in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and University policies. Users are prohibited from using the service for commercial use, such as selling products or conducting business activities. Any use which disparages the image or reputation of Santa Clara University is prohibited.



  • Alumni: Any student of Santa Clara University who is considered a graduate by SCU Registrar Office.

Approval for an individual being accepted to receive the SCU Alumni Email service is at the discretion of Santa Clara University.



SCU Alumni Email users agree to receive periodic email communications from Santa Clara University and/or affiliated organizations. Santa Clara University will take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of users, including but not limited to, not making forwarding addresses available to any non-affiliated organization.


SPAM, Virus, Malware

SCU Alumni Email is provided as-is by Santa Clara University. While the email system may filter malware, virus and spam email, it is the responsibility of the user to take necessary precautions against the receipt of malicious emails. Self-service password recovery will be provided.  SCU Alumni Email users will not have access to the Santa Clara Technology Help Desk.


Administration of Services

Santa Clara University will discontinue provision of service to dormant accounts, defined as accounts with no sent emails in more than one year. Santa Clara University will send requests for confirmation of continued use to users, and those users who do not respond to the second renewal request may have their email service deactivated. Santa Clara University reserves the right to cancel or modify the SCU Alumni Email service without notice, should the need arise in Santa Clara University’s sole discretion, including, but not limited to, changes in technology, service availability, or campus resource availability.  Should Santa Clara University cancel the service, every effort will be made to provide users with prior notice.



Any person who uses the SCU Alumni Email service consents to these Terms and Conditions as well as the Santa Clara University Acceptable Use Agreement and agrees to comply with all of its terms and conditions, and with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Violations of these policies or applicable state and federal laws or regulations may result in loss of usage privileges. Santa Clara University reserves the right to make modifications to the SCU Alumni Email Terms and Conditions as it deems necessary in its sole discretion, and will notify users of such changes via their SCU Alumni Email account. Changes to any relevant Santa Clara University policy apply to all SCU Alumni Email users and SCU Alumni Email users agree to comply with these changes.








DIVISION: Cyberinfrastructure Technologies
TITLE: SCU Alumni Email - Terms Of Service
TYPE: Terms of Service
DATE: 31 August 2018
REVISED: initial release of document
REVISION REASON: Initial release of document