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Statement on Harmful Materials

Santa Clara University’s Archives & Special Collections makes publicly available historical materials which reflect a variety of viewpoints on social, political, and intellectual issues of the past and recent present. The collections include materials which contain negative and/or discriminatory stereotypes, language, or symbols aimed at marginalized groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, social class, or religion, to name a few. Archives & Special Collections does not condone these viewpoints. We affirm that these viewpoints are not only discriminatory & offensive, but also disrespectful, inhumane, and unjust.

Whenever possible, we make these materials available without redaction, abridgment, or exclusion because we believe that to do otherwise would serve to suppress the fact that such prejudices and discriminations have existed at our institution and in the broader community. In making these materials available we are guided by the core values of the Society of American Archivists, particularly our responsibility to contribute to the public good by ensuring the authenticity and continuing usability of the records in our care.

We believe that providing access to and supporting engagement with various materials, including those that may be offensive, is critical for understanding our history and that of the broader community. We offer reference & research services to facilitate learning from all of our materials and to support scholarship and dialogue that seeks to create a more equitable society.