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Preparing Parents for the Next Big Step

Join our parent panel at Preview Day on Saturday, April 13. Parents of prospective students can ask questions, get tips, and help their high schooler prepare for success at Santa Clara.
April 9, 2024
Parent in commencement crowd holding poster of face of family member.

Transitioning to college life can be a challenge for young people, but they’re not the only ones making an adjustment. College is tough on parents, too. 

Nobody knows this better than Alissa Novak. Though her children aren’t quite college-age yet (her kids are 9, 7, and 4), Novak spent years working at new student orientation at Santa Clara. Over the years, she encountered parents who put their trust in SCU to keep their child safe and successful.

Novak took this responsibility seriously, and this Saturday she is putting her experience to work. During the University’s Preview Day on April 13, Novak is hosting a panel to help the next generation of Bronco parents get information, ask questions, and work through any jitters about the college experience.

Director of Parent Giving Caitlyn Yates recruited parents of current and graduated Broncos who could speak to the emotions of preparing their teenager for college and how to make the most out of their senior year of high school. The panel will also discuss the decision-making process, offer helpful advice they received along the way, and even a game plan on what to pack for college. 

“Ultimately the decision to attend SCU has to come from the student, and yet we know that for many parents and families, this is a collaborative decision-making process,” Novak says. “We think it is critical that parents or family members get their questions answered so they can feel assured that their child made the best decision for them.”

This parent panel will also offer a sneak peek for families to see what being a Bronco is all about, Novak says. While there will be plenty of helpful tidbits shared, she expects this will largely be about building community for pensive parents. There might even be a few tears shared as the group navigates the big questions every parent is wrestling with as their family prepares for its next chapter. 

“There is nothing like the Bronco community. We are a tight-knit group and we’re here to support you,” Novak says. “We want our future Bronco parents to feel just as connected to the community and with other parents.”

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