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Fulbright Scholars

Eight Santa Clara Alumni and Students Win
Fulbright Scholarships


Hollynd Boyden ’17

Biology major, headed to Mexico

“In El Salvador, the idea of accompaniment was present in everything we did.”
“Working on creating new methods to measure food and water security in Northern Nicaragua gave me the idea for my Fulbright project.”

Lauren Cloward ’16

Political science, environmental studies double major, headed to Burkina Faso


Erika Francks ’17

Environmental studies major, headed to Lesotho

“A big reason why Fulbright likes Santa Clara students is because we have this understanding of social impact: we want to do research because we think we can find sustainable solutions to problems..not to go on this cool trip.”
“Santa Clara University’s values of being a person for others is something that goes hand-in-hand with this, and it’s something that I’ve tried to incorporate in my experiences in Peru, Myanmar, and Santa Clara.”

Athena Nguyen ’18

Public health science, political science double major, headed to Vietnam


Shawna Richardson ’18

Liberal studies major, headed to Taiwan

“I was lucky to have all my advisors and mentors really encouraging me.”
“You have to have an intrinsically lit fire to do it. Because they are expecting so much out of you.”

Marisa Rudolph ’18

Environmental science, political science double major, headed to Ghana


Carson Whisler ’17

Economics major, headed to Indonesia

“When you get to the field and start performing research, you have your deliverables, but you also get a fair amount of flexibility in how you execute.”
“I went to Panama with Global Medical Brigades my freshman year, which definitely sparked my interest in international development.”

Katrina Van Gasse ’14

Marketing major, headed to Fiji