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Welcome to OCL's Off Campus Housing Orientation (OCHO) page!

In order to be eligible to live in an SCU Neighborhood Unit you need to complete all OCHO requirements by March 10, 2023. 

The OCHO program was designed with the following outcomes in mind:

    1. Describe Santa Clara University’s expectations for off-campus students; including local laws, ordinances and the Student Code of Conduct.
    2. Articulate neighbor expectations that contribute to a safe and welcoming off campus community.
    3. Summarize tenant rights and responsibilities.
    4. Develop competencies in bystander intervention, alcohol & drug education and multicultural awareness. 

Below you will find information on how to complete the OCHO requirements:

Once a student completes the in-person session, asynchronous component, and passes the quiz, they are considered completed and will receive a confirmation email from Off Campus Living indicating that they have officially completed OCHO. For any questions, please email 

Asynchronous OCHO Videos

Leases, Landlords, and Tenant Rights
Being the Best Bronco Series: OML
Being the Best Bronco Series: Wellness Center