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Celebrating our 100,000 alumni milestone involves talking about how each of you have carried the Santa Clara spirit into the world and made it your mission to change it. This means ALL of you! We are inviting all of you as Santa Clara alumni to tell your story – the teachers, accountants, volunteers, engineers, lawyers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, doctors, mothers, fathers, and all things you could imagine. Whether it’s easily visible to the outside world that you’re making it a better place, or just those near and dear to you can see it on a regular basis, hopefully a big part of your outlook is because of your time spent here at Santa Clara and how it shaped you into who you are today. We want to hear how!

Read your fellow alumni stories below and share your own!

Monalisa Chati M.S. '14 image cap

Monalisa Chati M.S. '14

Finance Business Systems, ServiceNow

Santa Clara, CA.

Master's degree, Management Information Systems

"I chose Santa Clara is because I wanted a university that blends technological innovation with social consciousness and this was it...."

Molly Geisler '10 image cap

Molly Geisler '10

Case Manager, Jesuit Vounteer Corps

Seattle, WA. 

Psychology major / anthropology minor

"I prioritized small West Coast schools that emphasized service and global understanding through immersion trips, study abroad programs, and more..."

Maggie Hurlbut '18 image cap

Maggie Hurlbut '18

Social Media Coordinator, Santa Clara U.

Santa Clara, CA.

Communications major

"Santa Clara has broadened by perspectives on so many different grounds. I was introduced to my love of travel through my experiences in studying abroad..."