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Celebration Kit

Celebrate your acceptance with everything you need to share your Bronco pride on social media and beyond. From Zoom backgrounds to GIFs to printable signs, we got you covered!



Welcome / Official Bronco Gifs
You're In! #Accepted
Red acceptance letter gif

Download You're In! (gif)

Official Bronco - Sparkles
Official Bronco moving gif with sparkles

Download Official Bronco Gif



Animated Zoom Backgrounds
Official Bronco - Rearing Bronco

Download Rearing Bronco (Gif)



Zoom Virtual Backgrounds



Phone Backgrounds



SCU Campus


Bronco Statue


Printable Signs
I'm Headed to SCU White 

Download I'm Headed to SCU White (PNG)


Mission Church

Flowers at SCDI

Palm Drive Fountain and Mission

Download Fountain Virtual Background (PNG)

Official Bronco Red Background

Download Official Bronco Background (PNG)

Bucky The Bronco Animated 

Download Bucky The Bronco (mp4)