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First-Year Undergraduates

Hardship Permits

Please read the first-year student Parking Policy before completing the form.

Applications are on a quarter-by-quarter basis and committee decisions regarding issuance are final.  After the submission deadline, the application process is closed until the next quarter.  The request will be reviewed by a committee of representatives from the Division of Student Life. The decision of the committee is final and is not subject to appeal. Applicants will be notified by email of the results of their request.  

Falsifying Information:

First-year students who provide incorrect information in their parking permit request, or upperclassmen who attempt to purchase a permit for a first-year student, will have future parking privileges revoked and be subject to citation. 

Due Dates:

  • Fall-Quarter 2022: August 31
  • Winter-Quarter 2023:  December 10
  •  Spring-Quarter 2023: March 15 

Late Submissions:

If you submit a hardship request after the due date, your request may not be accepted or will be automatically forwarded to the next quarter.

In the event that your hardship application is declined, students may purchase a prorated daily, weekly or monthly hang tag from the Parking & Transportation Services office or Campus Safety Services office and will be issued an "E" permit to park. 


First-year student of Santa Clara University who live in a campus residence hall are not allowed to bring cars on to campus for their Fall through Spring quaters. Upperclassman are not allowed to purchase parking permits for first-year student. The privilege of on-campus parking for both the upperclassman and first-year student can be permanently revoked if this occurs. More information about the First-Year Student Parking Policy can be found First-Year Student Live-On-Campus Residency Parking Policy


Because of a shortage in parking, especially during special events, the University decided that restricting permits for first-year residents would be the fairest solution. The University encourages first-year student to live in residence halls, so they are surrounded by opportunities to get involved. Most on-campus organizations provide their participants with transportation if it is required. There are a number of on-campus jobs available through BroncoLink.

Exceptions to the Policy

Students who transfer from another college or university and have completed a full school year are allowed to buy parking permits. First-year students who can provide adequate evidence that they will face hardship are able to apply for a permit by filling out the Hardship Application Form linked below.

Shopping and Transportation

There are many shopping areas located conveniently near campus. The ASSCU, in conjunction with the Office of Student Life, plans a number of student events and activities throughout the school year to provide first-year student with a myriad of things to do on campus; however, The University's Transportation Pagelists provide a number of public transportation alternatives for first-year student.

Contact Transportation Services