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Technology at SCU

MySCU Portal

Need help with the MySCU Portal? Read on below!

The MySCU¬†Portal is a central location for the Single Sign-on applications you use at Santa Clara University. When you log in to the MySCU Portal, you can access all these apps without logging in again.

The services you see in the MySCU Portal are specific to you - not everyone will see the same Tiles.

We are working to include more apps into the MySCU Portal constantly. You can track the progress of the whole Single Sign-On project by visiting the project page.

The list below contains all of the possible contents of the MySCU Portal. See the notes if you need to request assistance for restricted visibility tiles.

Last updated August 11, 2017 

Visible to all
Camino SCU's Learning Management System   
CourseAvail Course catalog and schedule manager   
Cowell Center Medical center booking system  
Digication A tool for creating and managing an online portfolio   
G Suite  Google suite of apps, including GMail, Calendar, Docs, and Drive.   
Gartner  Information Technology research   
Webpages Personal web page hosting  
Some restrictions on visibility
Academic Works Scholarship management system Note1
Accessible Learning Disability services management  Note1
InfoEd Electronic research adminstration  Note1
Information Security Training Online training system for security awareness Note1
Maxient Behavior record management  Note1
Panopto Classroom capture video Note2
Portfolium SCU's tool for creating and managing an online portfolio Note3
Room Reservation For reserving Learning Commons and Lucas shared study spaces Note1
Slate For Slate administrators: CRM for graduate programs Note1
TerminalFour CMS For campus website administrators: CMS for website development Note1
Terra Dotta International student management Note1
xfinity on Campus For on-campus students: campus cable TV



Visibility of Tiles is determined and authorized by the application owner.

Note1 Contact the Technology Helpdesk ( for assistance
Note2 Contact the Media Services Department ( for assistance
Note3 Contact the Camino Helpdesk ( for assistance

 MySCU Portal Help


Access the MySCU Portal by visiting the page If you are not currently logged in, you will need to enter your SCU Username and password.

Your SCU Username is your access the network and other applications, including Gmail, Google Apps, Camino, and wireless access. It is generally initials and surname, e.g. bbronco for Bucky Bronco.

Screenshot of SCU Portal from webpage  in logged out state

If you have forgotten your SCU Username, you can find some help on the page Logins / Accounts.

The main screen of the Portal shows a collection of tiles that you have access to.

Clicking or tapping on a tile will take you to that app, without you needing to log in again.

Desktop portal tiles

If viewed in a mobile device, the tiles will be displayed with a square or circle icon.

Mobile portal tiles


The number of Tiles in the Portal depends on the development work in the Single Sign-On project. Check the Project page for what Tiles are currently available.

Some key features you may see or use on this screen are described below.

You can search for your Tiles in the Search apps... box. This will search by name, or by tags associated with the app.
Small Information symbol The little "i" icon in the top left of some tiles will open a short description of the app, and support contact information.
Small warning Icon If we know there is a problem with an app, such as running slow, we can alert you to this with the little yellow warning triangle. Tapping on the Tile will still take you to your app. Click or tap on the icon to find out what the problem is.
Small error symbol When apps are offline, the background of the Tile will be dark gray with a status message. Selecting the Tile will give details about the outage, and a link to a status page for more information.

Why is my favorite app not in the MySCU Portal?

The MySCU Portal is the place to find all the apps that support single sign-on. Not all apps support it, but we are working on the apps that do, to bring more into the MySCU Portal. You will see more apps in the MySCU Portal as time goes on.

You can look up the apps in the MySCU Portal on the Single Sign-On Project page.

Do I have to use the MySCU Portal to get to my apps?

Some apps, like GMail, will redirect you to our single sign-on system when you try to log on to their front page. Other apps will not recognize you as SCU and will simply claim your password is incorrect. You may be able to go directly to the app to log in, and it may or may not work - but the MySCU Portal will always log you in.

How long do I have to log in to different apps without putting in my password again?

From the time you first log in to the MySCU Portal, a clock starts counting down. Most apps can be logged into within an hour, after which it will ask for your password again. However, if you click the Logout button in the MySCU Portal, the clock stops and no new apps will allow you to connect without logging in again.

Logging out of the MySCU Portal does not log you out of your apps. You need to log out of your apps separately.

We are working to implement "single log-out" to go along with our "single sign-in". This means logging out of any app will log out of all apps. This feature should be available later this year.

I want things to work differently!

The MySCU Portal is being actively developed, and more features will be rolled out over time. New features will be announced on the SSO Project page.

We will be asking for feedback and ideas for features as the Project progresses.

I have more questions about Single Sign-On.

The Single Sign-On Project page has information about the overall effort to bring all our digital services together. Some of your questions may have been answered on the Single Sign-On FAQ page. And if you still have questions, please email them to the Technical Helpdesk at