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MySCU Portal

Need help with the MySCU Portal? Read on below!

The MySCU Portal is a central location for the Single Sign-on applications you use at Santa Clara University. When you log in to the MySCU Portal, you can access all these apps without logging in again.

The services you see in the MySCU Portal are specific to you - not everyone will see the same set of applications.

Access the MySCU Portal by visiting the page If you are not currently logged in, you will need to enter your SCU Username and Password.

Your SCU Username is the account you use to access SCU WiFi and applications like Camino, Google Workspace, and Workday. It is generally initials and surname, e.g. bbronco for Bucky Bronco.

Learn more about accounts and passwords

The main page of the MySCU Portal shows tiles for the applications you have access to. Click or tap on a tile to go to the application, without you needing to log in again.

Desktop portal tiles

If viewed in a mobile device, the tiles will be displayed with a square or circle icon.

Mobile portal tiles

Some key features are described below.

You can search for your apps in the Filter apps by keyword... box. This will search by name, or by tags associated with the app.
Small Information symbol The little "i" icon will open a short description of the app, and how to get help.
Small warning Icon If we know there is a problem with an app, we can alert you to this with the little yellow warning triangle. Clicking or tapping on the tile will still take you to your app. Click or tap on the icon to find out what the problem is.
Small error symbol When apps are offline, the background of the tile will be dark gray with a status message. Clicking or tapping on the tile will give details about the outage, and a link to a status page for more information.

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Still need help?

If you still need help, please contact the Technology Help Desk.