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Marie Cameron

Marie Cameron

We are Stardust

My painting, "We are Stardust" is based on a line from Joni Mitchell’s beautiful song, “Woodstock”, in which she sings, “We are stardust, we are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

Her song speaks of a search to heal our souls by finding our collective and shared humanity. We all have this elevated cosmic origin as stardust and if we could only find our way back to our essential selves, this golden dust of stars, to the Garden of Eden before the fall, back to the land, back to our better angels, perhaps we could be “a cog in something good”, and dreams of “bombers turning into butterflies” could come true.

This is the tune that I hummed to myself as I sought to imagine how civility could be portrayed visually. For me, this vision of a paradise is a necessarily inclusive one, where people of all ages, genders, races, and creeds come together with empathy and care and love and labour to participate in a sustainable, healthy, diverse and beautiful world. This inclusivity extends to more that just the human carbon life based forms though, as we are no more important a cog in our biosphere than every plant and animal with which we share this world. We are all dependent on one another and are stronger in our diversity and ability to respectfully co-exist, seeking a balance in the interconnected nature of all things.  A garden seems like a perfect metaphor for such a place where we live in harmony with nature, sharing knowledge, and labor, reaping what we sow and sharing the rewards, the rewards of a better life, a better world, built from being our better selves. 


We Are Stardust by Marie CameronWe Are Stardust, 2020
Oil and gold leaf on canvas
58.5” x 58.5”
Courtesy of the Artist

About the Artist

Marie Cameron is a narrative painter and mixed media assemblage artist based in Los Gatos, California whose work explores themes of environmental conservation and social justice through Imaginative Realism and Symbolism. 

Born in New York City, Marie Cameron grew up in Maine and the Canadian Maritimes where she earned a BFA with distinction from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, majoring in painting and minoring in sculpture. While continuing to paint and exhibit, she worked in giftware design for Seagull Pewter and children’s book illustration for Barefoot Books, Illustrating Buddhist Tales (1997, 2014) and Clever Katya (1998). Cameron was awarded a prestigious Canada Council Explorations Grant in painting. Her work has been shown and collected internationally and appeared on the cover of the novel, The Memento (2016), Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine (2017) and featured in the art magazine Poets and Artists (issue 85 - 2017).

Since moving to California, her award winning work has been exhibited at the Museo Diocesano, the Pacific Art League, the Triton Museum of Art, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Gallery 24, SOMArts, Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art, Anne & Mark’s Art Party, Santa Clara University Art and Art History, Las Laguna Gallery, Sanchez Art Center, Vargas Gallery, New Museum Los Gatos, Iwasawa Oriental Art, Whitney Modern, Arc Gallery, Woman Made Gallery, curated., and has been selected for the de Young Open.