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Art and Art History

Welcome to the Department of Art and Art History!

There are more images on your phone than anyone living 200 years ago would have seen in their lifetimes.

These images affect the way you think, your behavior, and your mood. Art & Art History teaches you to understand where they come from and how they work, giving you an advantage in an increasingly visual world.

Our interdisciplinary Studio Art major is grounded in studio practice and fine art skills, but also develops your writing and research abilities. Art History takes you beyond memorizing dates and brush strokes. We teach the lived and living history of art and how it affects the present.

Whether you create art or study it, the Department of Art & Art History will prepare you to think creatively, communicate effectively, and solve complex problemsinvaluable skills in the job market.

  • Mary Hayes '10

    I'm the Assistant Director of Special Events at the Art Institute of Chicago, which means that I'm responsible for planning and managing internal fundraisers and cultivation events within the museum's Development department.