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Student Awards


CIVA: Community Initiatives in Visual Arts Summer 2017 Internships

Madison Blessington
Stefania Gueorguieva
Madeline Mott
Massiel Rivera
Athena Snyder
Madeline Wilcox
Victoria Yao


 Art History Awards

Art History Student Research Symposium

"The Avant-Garde and Kitsch: A Tale of Two Hats" - Ciaran Freeman

Art History Research Paper Prize

"The Redemption of Architectural Follies: Dimensionality Beyond Ornament"- Olivia Glaser



Art History Bay Area Undergraduate Research Symposium

"The Space is the Place! Czech Site-Specific Art Across Two Generations"- Alex McCarty

Excellence in Cultures and Ideas Research

"Jefferson's Monticello"- Philip Lee

Clement Greenberg Prize

"Grandma's Room"- Tessie Berghoff


Studio Art Awards

Best of Show: "Working Diptych"- Ciaran Freeman

Painting Award: "Untitled"- Madison Blessington

Drawing Award: "Reach"- Sophie Funck

Sculpture Award: "Bust of an Unknown Man"- John Lalli

Ceramics Award: "Mi Loteria, Mi Vida"- Natalie Palencia

Photography Award: "Tokyo Shift"- Angie Marioni

Printmaking Award: "Red Moon"- Mayra Sierra-Rivera

Mixed Media Award: "Grandma's Bedroom"- Tessie Berghoff

Any Media Awards

"Lungs"- Quin Behles
"Red Chair"- Emalee Moore
"Self Portrait"- Aliyah Steiner

Faculty Mixed Media Award: "Lotteria Cards"- Natalie Kwon


 Benson Purchase Awards

"Vestido Folklorico"-Natalie Kwon
"Balance"-Annamarie Pilon
"Where I've Been"- Lene Eyen






Senior Recognition Awards

Annamarie Pilon
Stefania Gueorguieva
Jessica Andzouana
Chloe Lott







Mary F. and Gerald P. Sullivan, S.J. Scholarship

Ciaran Freeman
Madison Blessington

Anderson Ranch Art Center

Madeline Bragg