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Study Groups

Study Group Schedule

Study groups are scheduled for the following times. If a group of three or more students from a particular class request a different time, we will arrange for a second study group for that class.

Math 11
Tuesday, 10:20 - noon
Math 12
Thursday, 10:20 - noon
Math 13
Tussday, 2:00 - 3:40
Math 13
Thursday, noon - 1:50
Math 14
Tuesday, noon - 1:50
Math 30
Tuesday, 3:50 - 5:30
Math 31
Thursday, 2:00 - 3:40
Math 31
Thursday, 3:50 - 5:30

First year students connect with each other and an advanced tutor to develop math study skills, deepen understanding of course content, and prepare for exams. Study groups are set at the start of the quarter and meet weekly to discuss course material in depth.  Groups are encouraged to meet outside of the MLC as well.