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Victor Lemus

Campus Minister

Hi Everyone!


It is my great privilege to join the Campus Ministry team at Santa Clara University.

While I have been a member of the SCU community in various capacities for the last four years, this is my inaugural year as Director of Retreats and I'm very hopeful for what lies just beyond the sunset-filled horizon.

In my capacity as Director of Retreats, I'm blessed with the opportunity to develop and serve our university community through a variety of retreat offerings, all of which hope to foster a spiritual growth that is personal, communal, vocational and faith centered. The inclusive nature and beauty of a retreat is such that it seeks to cultivate a unique, personal transformation, and yet, is a transformation which sends us forth into our respective communities, so as to expand what Jesuit, Greg Boyle, calls a "circle of compassion... [in which] we imagine no one standing outside that circle..."

A bit about who I am: I'm originally from Guatemala, having mostly grown up in Los Angeles, and am the youngest son of Victor and Miriam Lemus. My older siblings are Karen and Alan. I'm a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, having studied Graphic Design during my undergraduate days. Thereafter, my career path took its various twists and turns, including: commercial real estate development, brokerage and the non-profit sector. My time in the non-profit sector, particularly serving within the organization Homeboy Industries (a gang intervention program based in Los Angeles), led me towards my graduate work in SCU's Pastoral Ministry program, and ultimately, my current vocational endeavors.

Some fun facts about me: I love basketball, baseball, drawing, handwriting, poetry, music, movies and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, to name a few things. I'm also a big fan of driving aimlessly towards no particular destination, although I often end up at the beach, which always feels like home to me. Subsequently, I'm easily mesmerized by the beach, sunrises, sunsets and stars, and will thus drive just about any distance to get a good view of any of these.

Well, my dear friends, I must bid you adieu for now, but I do look forward to having the honor of encountering your stories. Please know that you are always welcome in Campus Ministry.


Campus Minsitry, Benson Center