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Carly Lynch

Campus Minister

In this wonderful role, I will get the opportunity to work with religiously diverse students and student organizations to foster a rich and vivacious environment of religious pluralism on this campus. Creating not only a sense of welcome, but also of deep belonging for students of various religious identities at Santa Clara.

From my childhood days of brewing up medicinal "back yard stew" (a combination of pool water and whatever seasonal shrubbery I could find in the back yard and neighborhood alleys) for my old cats, to recent trips to Indonesia to study inter-religious trauma and healing, I have always been a soul that is sensitive to the hurt in the world, and eager to discover new and creative remedies. Therefore, my various previous careers and academic degrees-- including a B.A. in Theology from Azusa Pacific University and an M.A. in Theological Studies from Boston University School of Theology-- have served not as means for mastering knowledge and grasping conclusive answers, but rather have taught me to become a better listener to the world's needs and a better creative activist in responding faithfully and persistently. You will generally find me in some process of trying to move increasingly slowly and ethically through this world. Whether that is learning to make and mend my own clothing, composting and gardening, studying and practicing herbal medicine, backpacking in the sierras, brewing kombucha, teaching people how to knit around a camp fire, or writing poetry on evening walks, I believe care for self and others is a wandering, not a race; and a really lovely wandering at that. I love gleaning wisdom from wherever it may come, especially from places and people who are unfamiliar. So please, stop by and have a slow cup of tea and tell me about your favorite hilarious you tube videos or your most pressing personal tension. I welcome it all, and have much to share if you need that too.

Benson 105