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Taking Care of Yourself

What helps our team decompress and take care of ourselves

We're in that time of the year when the sun is not out as often, the school/workload has increased, and it becomes increasingly difficult to take care of anything but your most essential needs. Worry not! We have put our heads together to highlight some of our favorite ways to decompress. We think you'll find that they mirror conventional wisdom. So without further ado, how people in Campus Ministry decompress...
  1. Sleep. Almost everyone said that this was key for them. Your brain decompresses and, in a sense, resets when you sleep. Getting enough sleep will affect everything else.
  2. Exercise. Orange Theory Fitness. Personal trainers. Going for a run anywhere. Doing Yoga in Malley. Biking. Playing basketball and soccer. Get those endorphins running around and, almost immediately, you'll see improvements!
  3. Consume health. Eat in a way that lets your body know you care for it. Notice what you put into your body. Read something that makes you smile or transports you to a place that you love. Be aware and conscientious, but set limits for yourself around social media. Listen to music you love and let it move you.
  4. Create spaces for intentional quiet. Pray. Meditate. Walk. Unplug at a specific time. Go to Mass or Core's Nightlife or Jum'ah.
  5. Seek out puppies and sloths. No, seriously...find puppies (sloths will prove more challenging), kittens, or alpacas and pet them. Visit a petting zoo. Say hello to your professional live-in staff's animal.
  6. Laugh and be positive. Cultivate joyfulness. Think of what makes you happy and do it! Help out someone else. Watch funny videos on Youtube. Affirm yourself. Affirm someone else!
  7. Express yourself creatively. Sculpt with Play-Doh. Color. Draw. Write poetry. Dance. Cook.
  8. Get away from SCU! It's beautiful on campus, but you're in the middle of one of the most ecologically diverse areas of the country. Explore the region and get to know something different and new. Go to the places that interest you and help you grow. Step outside your comfort zone.
  9. Interact with people in non-stressful ways. Over food. Away from work and school. Without expectation. Just delight in being with others.

And if all else fails, remember to HALT. If you're Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired, do whatever is in your control to address the situation.

Note: If you're having a difficult time taking care of yourself or expeeriencing a level of stress that is alarming to you, there are many resources available to you around campus. Campus Ministry can help you begin or continue to create a sense of meaning for yourself within the community. CAPS is able to help you cultivate behaviors and attitudes that can help you cope with stress better. We recommend their stress and relaxation interactive program. The Wellness Center offers the Student Health 101 online magazine. Have a chat with one of the professional staff in your RLC. Simply use the resources around you and we will do our best to help you find what you need.